Friday, December 30, 2005

Cajun Christmas

My first blog entry...

Becky and I are in Natchitoches, Louisiana, visiting her parents. We have consumed more food, slept more hours, and watched more movies than at any other time in our lives! It's a good way to recover from a busy year and enter a new one that promises to be even more eventful. Tomorrow we head back home to Norfolk and prepare for 2006.

I have really enjoyed my first visit to Louisiana, and I recommend Natchitoches (pronounced nak-a-tish) in particular. We watched Steel Magnolias last night which was filmed here (warning: major chick-flick), and it was neat to see all the places we had been the last few days in a movie. Natchitoches is a very picturesque small town about an hour south of Shreveport. It is the oldest city in the Louisiana Purchase (1714). Becky's parents moved here a few months ago as her father started preaching for the local Church of Christ. This afternoon they took us to Lasyone's where we had their famous meat pies.