Friday, August 21, 2015

Finishing up my first summer with HUB-CAPS

This summer I had the opportunity to work with HUB-CAPS (Harding University Branch of the Center for Advanced Public Safety), run by my colleague Dana Steil. We employed seven Harding students to help us on various software projects for the Arkansas and Mississippi highway patrols.

What occupied most of time this summer was developing a system that allows Mississippi patrol officers to enter paper tickets into a web-based SPA application. We used AngularJS on the front-end and an ASP.NET MVC app that exposed web APIs on the back-end. Mallory Eaton did a lot of the client-side development work and built some nice e2e tests. I'm proud of the app we developed which is currently in beta testing.

I'm also thankful to Dana Steil for giving me the opportunity to work with his group.

Our students are starting to arrive for the beginning of the fall semester. Time to start redirecting my energies into my courses.