Monday, May 01, 2006 is hacked

This weekend I was contacted by a fan of Shiri Maimon, an Israeli pop singer, who wanted to reconstruct This site was hacked recently, and all the files were deleted. The webmaster placed this explanation on the website:
April 20, 2006

This website has been hacked by someone. They have deleted everything, and I have decided that the website will NOT be back online. The reason for this is, that the people who did this, they hacked in just to delete everything. Which means, if I got everything back up and running - they could delete it the day after again. And I don't want to waste my time on that. Besides, the most important stuff, such as the forum, gallery and news is lost - and can't be restored. My host refuse to help me - even though they have the back-up files. So tomorrow I will cancel the domain. They say that they have the back-up files, but they can only re-upload everything if the files were lost during a server crash :-s They're practically writing to me, as if I deleted everything myself. They don't seem to get, that someone freakin' hacked the site! Like I would delete everything myself anyway :-s

You must all know by now, that I have spent endless hours - even weeks and months on this website. I'm very sorry to end the website I loved the most this way. It honestly breaks my heart. I feel really bad for both Shiri and the fans. I only tried to show my appreciation and wanted to spread the word about her. Apparently someone couldn't take that, and decided to ruin it for all of us. And they call themselves fans. Hah! Thanks a lot, whoever you are. I would like to thank all of you who kept visiting and coming back. It really meant a lot to me. Keep supporting Shiri out there ~ don't let the silence remain!

~ Camilla
I’m really surprised the hosting company would not recover the files for her. I’d let everyone know of my disappointment with the company. Looks like many of the pages are still in Google’s cache. I am glad Warrick will help get the site back.

It's becoming very apparent to me that third-party reconstruction is one of the primary things Warrick is useful for. If you don't personally own a backup, it's the only way you are going to get a site back.