Friday, May 25, 2007


  1. I’m back from Archiving 2007. Yesterday Czeslaw Jan Grycz (Internet Archive) gave an entertaining keynote address. He showed this video about copyright and fair use which has made by favorite 5 for the week: A Fair(y) Use Tale by Eric Faden. My guess is since the entire video is made from Disney clips that it probably won't hold up in court as fair use (Disney couldn’t possibly leave this alone). By the way, this video reminded me a lot of the 100 movies video I just saw the other day.

  2. How do you get people to help you digitize books with words that a character recognition scanner can’t recognize? Put the unrecognized words into a captcha! Brilliant.

  3. The IETF gave preliminary approval to a promising antispam/antiphishing technology called DomainKeys Identified Mail. It uses cryptograph digital signatures to identify the sender and receiver of email messages.

  4. According to Nielson/NetRatings, Google accounted for 55% of all searches in April. Believe it or not though, other search engines besides Google actually do exist. In fact, someone recently took the time to rate 300 of them. (I would have added one more criteria though: Does the search engine provide a link to the cached resource?)

  5. Colorado Christian University recently were told they were “too Christian” for their students to receive equal access to tax payer money. I added a couple of comments to the story although I normally don’t. I think CCU should just leave it alone... if you receive mammon from Caesar, you may find yourself beholden to his wishes. It's also hard to imagine Jesus wanting his followers to sue for tax money.