Friday, April 03, 2009

Day 2 at DigCCurr 2009

This was a full day of presentations. One of my favorite panels was on personal digital archiving with Jeremy John, Cathy Marshall, David Pearson, and Andreas Rauber. My presentation seemed to go well... the room was packed with people sitting on the floor. Overall I was very pleased with the conference and met a good number of interesting people.

After the conference ended, I took advantage of the 70 degree weather and took a walk around the UNC campus. I then headed up to Franklin St. where a mass of well-dressed college students were gathering. (Franklin St. is where all the cool places to hang out are located. It's also the place where students jump over bonfires after big UNC wins.) The 2 mile walk back to the hotel was fantastic... the homes on Franklin St. are some of the most beautiful and unique homes I've seen.

Now I'm sitting in my hotel room (11 pm) missing my family while a number of college students stand outside my window talking as if no one else but them were at the hotel. It'll be a lot worse tomorrow night if UNC wins, but I'll be back in Searcy by then.


Looks like UNC is going to the championship, and the partying on Franklin Street continues.