Thursday, April 22, 2010

George W. Bush speaking tonight at Harding University

Tonight our former President will be addressing a very pro-Bush Harding audience. Around 2000 students, 700 faculty and staff, and a few hundred other guests will be packed into the Benson Auditorium to hear Bush talk about...? My guess is Bush has a finely tuned speech for addressing college students, packed with jokes about Texas, Democrats, and how even C students can someday be President.


Although I wasn't able to attend last night's talk, I was told by many of my students that Bush came across very eloquent, knowledgeable, and by some accounts "inspirational". This might be a surprise to many who are more familiar with his public gaffs. My parents (who used my tickets) were also quite impressed.

When asked what was the most difficult decision he made as president, Bush said that it was sending in additional troops to Iraq ("The Surge").