Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WAC summer 2012 research kick-off

On Monday I met with the three Harding students who will be doing research this summer on the Web Archive Cooperative (WAC). We discussed the projects we'd be working on and the upcoming workshop at Stanford which we are all excited about.

There are three major thrusts that each will be working on in the next 10 weeks:
  • Heather Tweedy's first task will be completion of an iPhone/iPad web browser that implements Memento. This app has already been developed by my colleague Steve Baber and just needs some testing and tweaking before we can release it on the Apple Store. Heather will then work on creating a Wayback Machine-like interface for which will easily allow the public to see old versions of web pages.
  • Daniel Sebastian will be taking over some research that was performed last summer for locating missing music videos on YouTube. He'll be creating a Firefox add-on that will automatically direct the browser to the new location of a music video if an old link failed to work.
  • Richard Schneider is collaborating with the Internet Archive on crawling the mobile web. He's investigating the differences between the Web and the mobile web from a web archivist's perspective.

I will be helping these students on their projects and also creating distributable curriculum for teaching web science at the undergraduate level.