Monday, November 19, 2012

Ladies: Why are you into computing?

It's a well known fact that females are in short supply in the computing field. According to the CRA Taulbee Survey, the percentage of female graduates with computing degrees has steadily declined from 35% in the mid-80s to 11% today. So what is it that attracts some females and makes them persist in a profession that is so heavily dominated by males?

My colleague Scott Ragsdale has been tackling this exact problem, and he is in need of some data. Here's where you ladies can help out.

If you are a female who has completed an undergraduate computer-related degree (e.g.,computer science, computer engineering, information systems, etc.), would you please give just 10 minutes of your time to complete the Female Computing Graduate Survey? Your input is crucial in helping determine factors that can lead to better strategies to attract and retain more women in the computing field.