Thursday, July 11, 2013

Harding campus transformation

Harding is undergoing an extensive physical transformation this summer. When the students return in the fall, things will look quite different. I took a few pictures around campus this morning which I've posted below.

On the east side of campus, the home which housed the former President has just been renovated for Bruce and Ann McLarty, Harding's new President and First Lady.

Moving further west we have the new softball field which is being prepared for Harding's new collegiate women's softball team. The stadium is the first thing you'll see when you drive into Harding's south entrance.

Just a hundred yards further west the new Health Sciences Building is nearing completion. They just started work on the parking lot a few days ago.

Further down the street you can see construction continues on Legacy Park. This is one of my favorite parts of campus because the architecture is beautiful, and it has a vibrant feel to it. The second picture shows the West Married Apartments which are days from being knocked down to make room for the second phase of construction.

Finally, some new construction next to Pizza Hut (south-west corner of campus). You'll never believe what is being built. Could it be a cool new place to hang out? A trendy new restaurant or coffee shop? No, it's another bank. Because 5000 banks within a two mile radius just isn't enough.

Looking forward to seeing all our students again next month!