Friday, January 17, 2014

Tom Brady can be funny too!

This is a huge weekend in the NFL. The AFC Championship features the Denver Broncos (my favorite team) and the New England Patriots, headed by Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, respectively.

Manning is an incredible QB. But he's also very talented when it comes to comedy. I would argue he is one of the best comedic commercial actors in the NFL. Almost everyone has seen his MasterCard commercials. He's also made satirical movie commercials, appeared on SNL, and has some skits with his brother Eli that have gone viral like Football on Your Phone and Football Cops. It's hard not to like a guy that is so talented and hilarious at the same time.

Brady is of course also an incredible QB with three Super Bowl wins to back it up. But where Manning gets all the love, Brady is the most disliked QB in the NFL. I've never been a Brady fan either; I've always thought he was full of himself.

These past few months, however, I've come to like Brady just a little bit more. OK, he was my fantasy team QB which helps some. But Brady also stared in a couple of hilarious commercials for Under Armour over the past couple of years that I just saw recently. The first is Tom Brady's Wicked Accent which features an angry Brady smacking a stand-up cutout of himself. The follow-up is Tom Brady's Best Friend where he apologizes for his behavior in the first commercial and then loses his temper once again. He's also pretty hilarious when searching for someone to high-five.

Manning is still on top when it comes to comedy. But Brady should have at least a little of our comedic respect.

DISCLAIMER: If the Broncos lose this weekend, I may delete this blog post out of disgust for Brady.