Thursday, February 02, 2006

Updated C#, VB.NET, Java Comparisons

Today I updated my C# comparison pages for Java and VB.NET:

Maintaining these pages is really time-consuming, but I get so much positive feedback that it makes it worth it. A look the server logs shows that the C# vs. VB.NET page is especially popular. In any given month it’s typically the 4th requested URL from the website.

When filtering for just pages produced by faculty members, the C# vs. VB.NET page is first by a factor of 4, and the Java 1.5 vs. C# page is around 4th place.

A shocker is my JavaScript vs. VBScript comparison page appearing 7th. I haven’t updated that thing in years, and who is using VBScript anyway? I guess its still getting attention from those die-hard ASP programmers. ;)