Thursday, April 13, 2006

Candidacy Exam is over

Last Friday (Apr 7) I completed my Candidacy Exam (proposal defense) without any difficulties. It was nice having my wife in attendance along with a few other friends/PhD students. Now I’m ABD there’s nothing keeping me from graduating except that measly dissertation. A few days before the exam I had my hopes dashed when one of my papers was rejected from a conference. I won’t go into another rant but will keep shopping the paper around until it finds a good home. Gotta keep positive: maybe Google will unexpectedly stumble across my work like they did with Ori Allen and offer me millions for Warrick. ;) In the meantime, Becky and I are heading to the OBX for some R&R.

Bill Arms, who served on my committee, gave a really great talk after my exam about the Cornell Web Library. He published an article about it in D-Lib Magazine (same issue as our paper on crawler activity) and has a more technical paper about it accepted to JCDL 06. The library is based on the collections from the Internet Archive, and it will give researchers the ability to perform Web research much easier than it is today. We may be able to use the library to perform some work with Warrick since it contains a number of lost websites.