Sunday, April 02, 2006

Warrick reconstructs

On Mar 31, I received an email from an individual who had successfully used Warrick to reconstruct The cool thing was that he was able to reconstruct the site without getting any help from me. I have reconstructed a couple of websites on behalf of others, but this is the first third site I am aware of where someone ran Warrick on their own to reconstruct a website.

A couple of quotes from their site:
Welcome! This website has been put back on the Internet by friends of Jay King, the original author, who died unexpectedly in 2005. We didn't want Jay's excellent reference site to be lost forever because it no longer had a home on the Internet at SJSU.

This site has been selected as a valuable educational Internet resource for Discovery Channel School.

Update on 4/30/06:

This week I received an email from a Carter R., a webmaster who had used Warrick back in Jan 2006 to reconstruct two of his sites when the hard drive of his personally-maintained web server crashed:

He writes about using Warrick in his blog entries:

From Carter's blog:
One bright spot has been the recovery of my content via a tool called Warrick that uses various caching services and APIs from Google, Yahoo, the Internet Archive and others to reconstruct lost websites. So far, I’ve recovered posts for Cubanlinks going all the way back to its first post in 2002...

... I’ll describe the rebuilding process in more detail as I go along. The main point that I want to get across is this: BACK UP YOUR DATA!. The shock of losing a year’s worth of blood and sweat (regarding the code that powered DCKickball) still has yet to fully sink in. Don’t pull a Carter.
Although Warrick wasn't able to recover all of Carter's websites, he seemed pretty thankful for what he was able to get back:
It’s unclear how many posts never got recovered with Warrick in the first place. Eyeballing it, I’d say I have at least 80% of my posts. And you know what? I’ll take that.
These sites are definitely the first to be reconstructed with Warrick without my help.