Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wikipedia: nofollow and noMSedit

Some new news from the world of Wikipedia:
  • Minor: All external links from Wikipedia are now using the NOFOLLOW attribute. This attribute tells web crawlers like Google that the link has not been vetted, so it will not be used in their algorithms to artificially bolster the ranking of some pages. Wikipedia’s action will seriously reduce the amount of link spam that currently plagues many entries.

  • Major: Microsoft has attempted to hire Rick Jelliffe, chief technology officer of XML tools company Topologi Pty. Ltd., to “correct” Wikipedia entries on ODF (OpenDocument format) and OOXML (Microsoft Office Open XML). You can see Rick's original post about the offer here. Apparently Wikipedia is keeping Microsoft employees from making the edits themselves, so Microsoft thought a third party could update the entries that apparently shed a negative light on Microsoft’s format. This astroturfing blunder has created quite a few waves.