Saturday, January 19, 2008


Becky, Ethan, and I are in Natchitoches, Loisiana for the weekend, visiting Becky's parents. We're only one week into classes, so we figured this would be an ideal time to get away. This is our second visit out here. Ethan took three naps on the 7 hour trip which made it much easier for us than anticipated. I'll update this posting later when I get more time... I'm using a dial-up connection which is just a little slow.

Update on 1/21/08:

We're back in town. Not much to report; it was good visit. Ethan did great on the trip until the last hour when Becky and I had to sing church songs to keep him from melting down. Also I got to listen to the AFC and NFC championship games on the radio... stinkin' Giants.