Tuesday, November 07, 2006

CIKM 2006 in Arlington

This week I’m attending CIKM 2006 in Arlington, DC. I’ll be presenting a paper on lazy preservation on Friday at WIDM. In the meantime I can just sit back and enjoy the conference and the town. Unfortnately, Becky couldn't come up with me, but at least I got to meet my sister last night for dinner.

This morning Hector Garcia-Molina gave a talk on the research they are doing at Stanford on pair-wise entity resolution. Basically he talked about what entity resolution was and how they were taking an approach that may or may not end up being better than the approaches currently being presented. Hector did a great job of speaking clearly and engaging the audience. It was one of the few talks today that I didn’t find myself wanting to screaming “Drop the laser pointer!” and “Quit talking to the projection screen!”

I attended the “Mining Reviews and Blogs” session this afternoon which had a number of interesting papers, and the poster presentations/reception this evening. I haven’t seen anything that’s very related to my work, but it’s nice to be exposed to some cutting-edge research in information retrieval.