Monday, November 20, 2006

Harding students at HUFS

The other night I was reading the Harding alumni magazine and came across the article The Tour de France and Switzerland to Boot. The article is about the experiences of the first group of Harding students to study at the new international program called HUFS (Harding University in France/Switzerland). Robert McCready, the author and HU professor who chaperoned the group, gave a really encouraging report about the students’ conduct:
As we approached Toulouse, our quiet bus driver asked the guide for the microphone. He proceeded to tell us that in 37 years of chauffeuring, he had never met as fine a group and was impressed by the students’ respect for him and for one another, their wiping their feet before getting on the bus, and their joy in singing devotional songs. He will retire in two years and expressed his wish to do so with Harding students as his last group.
Not only that, but as a result of numerous positive encounters between the students and local Christians in Toulouse, a couple of women decided to enroll at Harding. I’m really proud of those students and the way they were a light to the world.

The magazine also noted that Ward Sandlin, a 1991 Harding alum, was awarded the Air Medal by the Coast Guard for his performance during Hurricane Katrina where he saved 161 lives immediately after the disaster. Congrats!