Monday, February 26, 2007

Becky's first baby shower

On Sunday our church (Stephanie organized) threw a baby shower for Becky. Thankfully I was not forced to participate, but when I showed up at the end of the shower to help pack-up the goods, I couldn’t believe how much stuff there was. There were tons of socks, blankets, and clothes… even a little baseball mitt. A couple of women made a blanket and an "Ethan Andrew McCown" pillow. Becky and I are really blessed to be part of the family at Bayside. It’s gonna be really tough to leave in August.

And on Saturday night Becky and I saw Amazing Grace with some friends. It’s the true story of how William Wilberforce helped end the slave trade in 19th century Britain. The movie was very well done, and it was inspiring to how much good this man was able to do by letting God work through him.