Thursday, February 22, 2007

Google: From search engine to Singularity

Philipp Lenssen has written an interesting article about how search engines (or more specifically Google) may evolve over time. As its AI improves, Lenssen sees Google growing into an all-knowing entity, capable of inferring new levels of knowledge and reaching conclusions from its vast quantities of data, even referring to itself as "me". (Yes, Google may some day be responsible for the Matrix, the Terminator, or just good old-fashion space mission sabotage.) Lessen has talked about the emergence of the technological singularity before; it's an interesting concept for the science fiction lover.

On a totally unrelated somewhat related note, congratulations to Frances E. Allen, the first female to win the distinguished A.M. Turing Award. Allen has contributed to work in weather prediction and code breaking, two areas from which a Singularity might draw from.