Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March Madness

I just filled out my first NCAA Tournament bracket. I joined the Knights Pool on FaceBook-- apparently I could win $25K just for getting lucky. smile I’ve got ODU winning their first game against Butler (hey, I gotta show my Monarch spirit...), but I don’t think they’ll get any farther than that. But wouldn’t it be awesome though if they could follow in George Mason’s footsteps?

Final Four: UCLA vs. Oregon and UNV vs. Ohio State
Championship: UCLA 86, UNC 83

If you are laughing out loud, just remember this is my first bracket... wink

Update 3/15/07:

Well, ODU played a good first half and went into the locker room ahead by one. Unfortunately, they couldn't keep up in the second half and lost 57-46. Maybe the women can do better on Sat.