Friday, April 06, 2007

Seeking high-quality Ph.D. students

If you live in Virginia and have a subscription to Time, US News, Newsweek, or Sports Illustrated, you may have seen this full-page advertisement for Old Dominion University (right) in this week’s issue (only subscribers receive regional ads). The guy featured in the ad is my advisor, Michael Nelson.

If you are looking to get your Ph.D. in computer science and want to work on some really interesting problems, I highly recommend Michael as an advisor. He’s got lots of good ideas and plenty of funding, and he will guide you to becoming an independent researcher. Plus you can live at the beach! smile

Here’s a little “advertisement” we’ve worked up to send prospective Ph.D. students:
Michael Nelson is seeking high-quality Ph.D. students for digital library and digital preservation research in the computer science department at Old Dominion University. Dr. Nelson has a well-funded research program focusing on object-repository interaction and alternative models of digital preservation. He has been PI or Co-PI on 9 grants (~$2.5M) from the NSF, NASA, Library of Congress and the Andrew Mellon Foundation. His most recent grant is a 5 year NSF CAREER award for "self-preserving digital objects".

More information about research projects, funding, publications and courses can be found at his website.

Dr. Nelson currently has 3 Ph.D. students, all of whom publish and travel on a regular basis. They also collaborate with colleagues at prestigious institutions such as LANL, Internet Archive and Cornell University. Dr. Nelson and his students welcome questions about joining their research group.