Saturday, July 21, 2007


My pick of the week's top 5 events, articles, or items of interest:
  1. Researchers at Harvard have developed a robotic fly which could some day be used for spying, detecting harmful chemicals, or just annoying families out picnicking.

  2. What comes next after Vista? Windows 7.

  3. Here's an interesting article about Luis von Ahn's latest foray into utilizing humans for AI. The reCaptchas project is brilliant, but what caught my eye was a new game he is developing called Matchin' which enlists humans to rate the attractiveness of people's photos. The results could be used to make image archives searchable by attractiveness. Sorry bon Ahn, but I think this has already been done.

  4. A new search engine called Lexxe is using natural language technology to answer user's queries (think Ask Jeeves). I tried the query "why should I use lexxe instead of google?" and got my answer on the first result. Not bad.

  5. Becky finally joined Facebook this week. I'm a little jealous though because I've been on there for several months, but she already has more friends than I do. Just a thought, but why does Facebook limit you to just "friends"? What about "casual acquaintances" or "person I saw on the bus"? I guess it's up to me to invent the next Web 6.0 social networking site.