Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tron 2 trailer

This is almost too good to be true... a Tron 2 (Tr2n) trailer featuring Jeff Bridges was shown a few weeks ago at Comic Con. Someone was able to film it, and although the bootleg has been hosted at a variety of sites, Disney has forced them all to remove it. Thankfully it is still available from RuTube (thanks, Russia) where I found it via the unofficial Tron 2 Trailer Blog.

Tron (1982) was the very first movie to use computer graphics, and it was one of the movies that turned me onto computers as a kid. It has a large cult following that has eagerly wanted to see a sequel for years. It looks like we are finally getting our wish.

Now, the quality of the trailer isn't great, but you can still see the dueling lightcycles and later on Jeff Bridges. Make sure you are sitting down for this. ;-)

Program 1: "It's just a game!"
Program 2: "Not anymore..."

End of line.

(Thanks, Will.)