Friday, September 19, 2008


My pick of the week's top 5 items of interest:
  1. Google recently launched Google Audio Indexing (GAudi) which converts video to text and allows the videos to be searched. I wonder how long before Google begins to crawl mp3s and video on the Web and serve it up in their search result pages?

  2. A new study by Pew Research finds that, believe it or not, almost all teenagers play video games.
    Fully 99% of boys and 94% of girls report playing video games... Older girls are the least "enthusiastic" players of video games, though more than half of them play. Some 65% of daily gamers are male; 35% are female.
    The most popular game teens play is Guitar Hero followed by Halo 3.

  3. Ten top Google scientists weigh-in on what the next ten years will bring on the Internet. None of them predicted that Sergey would actually start a blog.

  4. Sara Palin's Yahoo email account was hacked this week. Was she using her pet's name as her password? There doesn't appear to be any serious damage done except to her pride.

  5. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Now you can even search Google using pirate language.