Saturday, October 25, 2008

Harding Homecoming and Knights Reunion

This weekend was Harding's Homecoming. My social club (Harding-speak for fraternity) had its 40th year reunion, so a number of old friends came to town. Several of us teamed up for the Bison Booster Golf Tournament on Fri morning, and today the Knights held its 40th year reunion and joust for alumni.

For those of you who thought jousting ended hundreds of years ago, it actually takes place on the Harding campus once a year. This year, twice.

Here's me getting ready for a run-through. Notice the huge amount of shaving cream on the end of my joust and all over my armor (I got hit pretty good right before the photo).

Here's me trying to peg a guy who painted himself red (don't ask). Suffice to say, I didn't make it out of round 1.

After everyone was sufficiently covered in shaving cream, we headed up to Harding park for a cookout. He's me with Ethan (he's got a custom Knights jersey on) along with three other guys from my '92 pledge class: Kent Wiley, Brian Harrington, and Tim Cox. A big thanks to Tim who put most of today's activities together.

Below is a photo with Scott Raby and Rob Perez. They guys were seniors when I first became a Knight, and I hadn't seem then 10+ years. Rob was my Lord Knight, and he brought along his seven kids. Wow.

Below are all the guys who pledged Knights in the 1990s. Good lookin' bunch.

It was great seeing all these guys again. I think we'll be doing this again in 5 years, so hope to see all you Knights who didn't make it next time.