Friday, October 17, 2008

Harding's first fall break

Last spring Harding University decided to release classes for Martin Luther King's Day in future spring semesters. To keep the fall and spring semesters equal, we also decided to have a single day off in the fall. Today the students and faculty are off while most of the staff, unfortunately, are working. This is the first time Harding has taken such a break.

I polled my students yesterday to see what they were doing, and a surprising number of them were going to drive home, even if it meant driving 8 hours. A number of them are camping or just hanging around to catch up with school work. And a large number of students are doing disaster relief around the coast. I suspect many of them will return Sunday saying they need a break from their break.

Becky and I are taking Ethan up to St. Louis to visit my family, and my dad's taking me to the Cowboys vs. Rams game on Sunday (sure hope Romo is able to play). Can you believe the Cowboys just signed Roy Williams? TO says he's happy about it, but if he starts getting the ball less, prepare to see some serious pouting in the upcoming weeks.