Thursday, February 28, 2008

MLK will be observed at Harding

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Harding faculty was considering a student body proposal to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the Spring and a holiday sometime in the Fall. Last week the proposal passed overwhelmingly in a faculty vote, but I didn't say anything about it due to Dr. Burks' request that we not discuss the issue publicly yet.

Well last night the faculty voted to keep the academic calendar the same next semester in addition to the two holidays, so MLK will be observed (the students and faculty will have the day off), and we will also have off some day in the Fall. I suggested in a faculty forum that we celebrate Columbus Day which is always held the second Monday in October. This would be a good day to let out since it is near the middle of the fall semester, but I think the Friday of the 8th week is being considered instead.

Anywho, it is good to see that Harding will dismiss classes for MLK in respect to the black community. I'm not sure if this is necessarily the best way to pay respects to the civil rights movement, but it's a start. Perhaps Harding students will make this day a day of service around the Searcy community; this would be a much better way to honor what MLK stood for rather than playing XBox all day.