Friday, February 08, 2008

Erik Luchauer, a former CS Harding student, just emailed me about a new website he has launched. I told him I'd help get the word out. This is from the email Erik sent me: is officially live. Well, its actually in a live beta state, but who's being critical! What is RootClip, you ask? Think choose-your-own adventure meets YouTube. Its a video collaboration website in which we start a story, and the users get to decide where it goes by shooting their own follow-up, one-minute videos and voting on all of the submissions. Pretty cool, huh?!

Oh, and the best part, the creators of the video with the highest number of "thumbs up" votes at the end of each 2-week voting period will win $250. They'll also be eligible to compete against the other winners to create the final scene in the film for a chance to win a $2,500 VISA gift card. Think about all of the ramen you could get with that?!

So, this is our official invite to you, our family and friends, to visit If you feel so inspired, go and shoot some video to advance the story, then get all of your friends to vote on it. Who knows, you could end up with over $2,500!

Go to Watch the video. Create and submit the next minute. Vote for your favorites. Its really that simple!