Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sick as a dog

It really stinks when you take the precaution of having a flu shot and still get the flu. I've been sick since Fri, and I'm still not getting any better. Looks like I'm not alone. I've had to cancel all my classes this week, and that is really going to set us back.

The only positive thing about this weekend was getting to see the Giants defeat the overly confident Patriots... I remember thinking earlier in the season that going for it on forth and long when you could kick a field goal was going to eventually bite them back. Sure enough. Well, that Super Bowl was one of the best I've seen, and it will always be remembered as a David-slaying-the-giant fight.

Becky's birthday is Thursday, so I pray I'm well enough by then. Only problem is I may still be contagious at that point.