Friday, February 01, 2008


It's been a few weeks since I posted a Fav5, but it's back. My pick of the week's top 5 items of interest:
  1. Google has just released the Social Graph API. The API will potentially make it much easier to port social graphs from one social network to another.

  2. Here's a quote I like to see:
    "Technology workers remain among the highest paid employees, especially those with management experience and hard-to-find skills."
    - Dice Holdings CEO Scot Melland
    Now if we can just narrow that gender gap a little in the IT field.

  3. Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo for $31 a share. I don't think this is going to pass muster, but if such a deal did take place, Google would seriously need to watch out.

  4. In an interview with VentureBeat, Marissa Mayer (Google’s leading VP in search) discussed the possibility of using social networks for searching the Web.

  5. A few weeks ago I was talking about Googlebombing in my search engine class. Philipp Lenssen writes that although Google has supposedly figured out a way to diffuse the bomb, a search for dangerous cult shows the Scientology website first. I don't think this is technically a googlebomb since a large number of people didn't jointly conspire to create such a link; I think intent is an important criteria in creating a googlebomb.