Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The ACLU and nonsectarian prayer

Last week, a federal judge dismissed a Fredericksburg City Council member's lawsuit challenging the council's nonsectarian prayer policy. Ironically, the ACLU of Virginia is fighting in this case to limit the liberties of an individual rather than protect them. It’s not quite so surprising when you learn their opponent is a Christian who desires to use the name “Jesus Christ” in an opening prayer for the city council.

A lawyer friend of mine who is intimately familiar with this case offered the ideal ACLU prayer, guaranteed to be as nonsectarian as possible:

"At this point we would like to call on a genderless, nameless higher power than ourselves and invoke that being (or those beings) intervention (or non-intervention as the case may be) upon this governmental body."

If it ever does come down to that, most of us would rather have no prayer at all. That’s exactly what the ACLU is hoping as well.