Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ethan 2.0

Wow- what a busy week. I’m getting ready for JCDL 2007 in Vancouver where I’ll be presenting two papers, one on a large website reconstruction experiment I performed several months ago and another on the search engine APIs. I’ll also be talking about Warrick at the Internet Archive tutorial and the web archiving workshop. Plus I’m doing my best to get Warrick’s queueing system on-line so I can demo it at the tutorial. Note to self: always go with PHP over Java servlets when using Apache!

My parents are coming into town tomorrow to see Ethan. They got to spend a little time with Ethan 1.0 the first week he was born, and now they’ll get to see Ethan 2.0, the smiley, attentive, and cute-as-can-be Ethan. Just in case you haven’t seen enough photos of Ethan yet, here’s some more from the last month:


With Mom

Now you're in trouble!

Just kidding!

What, me scared?

Catching some TV



Happy boy

Play ball!

Double chin action

Passed out