Saturday, June 09, 2007


  1. Thanks to Mike Baur for sending me a link to this video of some really cool image visualization software being developed at Microsoft... I especially liked the aggregation feature which pulled images from Flickr together to form a complete image. If you thought the video was cool, you may also be interested in these other videos from the TED conference.

  2. Vote for your favorite 1980’s arcade game. Although I genuinely loved most of the games on the list, I had to go with Tron. smile

  3. There’s a good article from the New York Times about Google’s continued focus on search: Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine. Matt Cutts also put in his 2 cents on about Google’s search focus.

  4. Researchers are finding that bullying in the virtual world is becoming quite a problem, especially for newbies.

  5. has received a makeover. Ask3D is their new approach at integrating various vertical search results together in a single results page. Nice.