Friday, October 26, 2007


My pick of the week's top 5 items of interest:
  1. According to the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology (CPST), Enrollment in bachelor's programs in computer science have dropped 40% from 2001 to 2006, with many students avoiding the field because of "increased risk of job loss due to offshoring and other issues." Unfortunately, we educators are not doing enough to recruit CS students, and many falsehoods continue to be circulated about job risk. In fact, now is one of the best times to be a CS major. The job market is very strong, and many predict that it will continue. Money Magazine recently ranked the top 10 professions, and 4 of the 10 can be fulfilled by CS majors!

  2. This is pretty cool: You can now use the Sitemap Protocol to tell Google about source code housed on your website. This allows Google to improve the accuracy of its Google Code Search.

  3. Congrats to Microsoft who beat out Google and Yahoo in a partnership deal with Facebook. It's tough to beat Google at anything these days.

  4. Neil L. Waters writes an interesting piece in CACM entitled Why you can't cite Wikipedia in my class. This is something every student should read. You may not have the proper permissions to view the article, so I have temporarily placed it here.

  5. My Colorado Rockies are down 0-2 in the World Series against the Red Sox. Here's hoping a return to Denver will bring back the magic.