Friday, October 19, 2007

One dissertation defense... check!

My defense this morning went really well, and I'm now a doctor (not the MD kind, so please don't bother me when you are having a heart attack). All I need to do now is make some minor corrections, and I'll be walking in December. I really appreciate all those who have sent me encouraging notes and called the past few days... your prayers have meant a lot to me.

I'm also really thankful to my mom who drove down from St. Louis in the rain to help out my wife while I was gone. Ethan can be a lot of work, especially when your back is shot and you're fighting a cold.

Here's a photo of Ethan with his Warrick t-shirt which I used on my final slide this morning. (Warrick is the name of my website reconstructor, part of my dissertation, and the t-shirt was a gift from Joan, my office-mate at ODU.) Can't wait to see my family again tomorrow!