Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back from JCDL 2008

I'm back from JCDL. It was an enjoyable week, especially since Becky was able to join me. It was great seeing so many people from previous years as well. When the JCDL crowd was asked Thurs at lunch what their favorite thing was at JCDL, someone yelled out "the people." I would have to agree.

I received some good feedback on my two talks. A number of people told me they thought injecting a website's server components was really a neat idea. One individual said he might experiment with encoding data into a YouTube video in a similar experiment. I noticed yesterday that a number of individuals (some from the conference) have submitted websites to reconstruct to Warrick.

Pittsburgh is truly an under-rated as a city... it is one of the more beautiful cities I've visited. They have over 400 bridges, more than any city in the world US.

Wed night the conference attendees ate dinner on a boat that bounced around the three rivers cutting through Pittsburgh. Heinz Field (where the Stealers play) and PNC Park (where the Pirates play) are located directly off the river and have excellent views of the city.

Thurs night Becky and I rode the Duquesne Incline to the Mount Washington neighborhood and had a nice dinner overlooking the city. We didn't have a camera, but the picture above is what we saw. We walked about a mile as the sun set and took the Monongahela Incline back down.

Becky is going to fly up with Ethan to New Mexico tomorrow. Can't wait to see my boy!