Saturday, June 14, 2008

TouchGraph Facebook Browser

If you have a Facebook profile and want to see which of your friends are in your "inner circle", you might want to checkout the TouchGraph Facebook Browser. Below is screen shot showing the social connections between me and my "closest" 50 friends.

The connections between nodes is computed using betweenness centrality, a measure of a person's importance in a social network. This measure gives more weight to friends that branch other cliques. I'm not sure what the size of the nodes relate to.

The colors of the nodes indicate cliques/clusters - cliques have many friends within a group of friends but few connections to others outside the group.
  • The purple group are mostly friends who were in the social club Knights with me in college.
  • The red group are mainly active Harding students, employees, or spouses. Becky is in this group.
  • The green group are people I know from when I lived in Denver years ago. My sister Sara is in this group.
  • The blue group are other friends from college.
The large green circles are the networks my friends belong to. Most of the people in this graph are in the Harding or Little Rock network.

When I boil it down to only 4 friends, I'm left with Becky (78 friends in common), Hank Bingham (48), Jim Miller (45), and Mark Elrod (45). What would be interesting is if these connections could be recomputed based on communication levels... which friends do I communicate with the most?