Sunday, June 01, 2008

I'm in Los Alamos

I left Friday morning for Los Alamos and arrived Saturday afternoon (I stayed in Amarillo with some friends). This place is incredibly beautiful. Picturesque. I wish I had my digital camera, but I left it back in Arkansas with the wife and kid, just in case Ethan learns to do a one-handed hand stand (wouldn't you want a photo of your 15 month-old doing that?). You can browse some photos at Flickr to get a feel for what it looks like.

Anyway, I got us setup in an apartment and loaded up on groceries. I'm getting the place all setup for Becky and Ethan who are coming up in a few weeks. Also I drove around to get familiar with the layout, and I marveled at the houses that are built literally 2 feet away from a straight drop hundreds of feet into the crevices below.

This morning I worshiped with the Los Alamos Church of Christ; one of their members was once a CS Harding faculty member in the 1980s. Now I'm checking email, etc. at the library. For some reason they are using IE 2.0 on Windows 85 or something, so it's like I've jumped back in time. Each time I press a key, I wait a second for it to appear on the screen... really fun. Also the people around me are giving me looks because I'm apparently typing loudly.

I'm starting work at LANL tomorrow, and hopefully I'll get the Internet turned on at home. It's really boring sitting in an empty apartment with no family, no TV, and no Internet! If any of you get the chance, send Becky an encouraging email or Facebook message... it's tough dealing with a toddler by your lonesome!