Sunday, July 13, 2008

Los Alamos in the summer

We're half way through our stay here in Atomic City (Los Alamos), and I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed on what we've been doing.

I picked up Becky and Ethan in mid June from the airport in Albuquerque. The first thing Becky noticed was how many of the buildings, especially in Santa Fe, were built in a rather unique Adobe fashion. Yes, even Target:

It took a little adjusting to life in a small apartment with no A/C, but we did it. What really helps is having incredible views all around us

with plenty of places to hike

and play (there are like 10 billion playgrounds)

and a good church which has been very welcoming.

We got Ethan his first haircut just a week after arriving, and despite his facial expression (and the outrageous $16 price), he didn't cry a bit:

So far we've visited a few places including Bandelier National Monument

Taos (where many hippies call home),

and the Albuquerque Zoo (with other moms and kids from church).

I'll report more on our summer in the weeks to follow.