Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We forgive you

Occasionally I get a little irritated by Harding students when they show signs of laziness or immaturity, like when they give me lame excuses for missing class or not turning in homework on time. But the other day I was walking through the Harding Student Center and saw this:

It reads "WE FORGIVE YOU," and it's addressed to the thiefs who stole thousands of dollars of electronic equipment from two different dorm rooms a few weeks ago.

Now I want you to compare this with a sign that I put up around campus years ago when I was an undergraduate student at Harding and had my backpack and belongings (worth about $150) stolen:
To the Cretan who stole my stuff: Keep the backpack and books, but give me back my notes. It's the least you could do.

And that's the toned-down version which didn't include some rather derogatory remarks I was itching to say. I must admit I'm embarrassed by the immaturity I showed, and I'm humbled by the words of these guys who know what Jesus meant when he said to forgive your enemies.