Friday, April 18, 2008

Dad's Retirement

Becky, Ethan, and I drove up to St. Louis yesterday to surprise my father. He was retiring today and was being honored with a surprise luncheon. 35 years in city administration... wow.

When we first arrived at the lunch, we hid out in the kitchen. The Mayor was standing with my dad in front of the group of city employees. When given the signal, Becky and I emerged from the kitchen (I was carrying Ethan) along with Mom, and we walked up to where Dad was standing. He almost lost it.

We presented him with a map of the world where he can place pins showing where he has been. He was also presented with a Cowboys golf bag and a number of other gifts.

We ate a nice lunch while Dad showed off his grandson, and a number of people told me how Dad was seriously the best city administrator they had ever worked for. It was really neat seeing how great a job Dad has done in Wentzville. I hope the same can be said about me when I retire some 30 years from now.