Friday, April 04, 2008


I'm headed to Dallas today for my brother's wedding! Before I leave, my pick of the week's top 5 items of interest:
  1. Despite the controversy, it looks like Microsoft's Office Open XML will be ratified as an ISO standard.

  2. Adobe has interesting news about Photoshop CS4: it will run on 64-bit Windows but not 64-bit Mac. This is a good article to read about the concerns of developing cross-platform software. (Thanks, Allan)

  3. Have you been rickrolled yet?

  4. Is Google in a slide?

  5. Three days ago was of course April Fool's (and my father's birthday- any relationship? wink). I pulled a joke on a fellow colleague, but nothing that would make this list. The best joke I saw was on Wikipedia. Anyone else have a favorite?