Friday, April 25, 2008


My 5 items of interest for the week:
  1. This is very cool: Google News now shows quotes taken from news sources. What has John McCain been saying recently?

  2. Udi Manber, VP of search quality at Google, answers 20 questions about web search. (I made my search engine class read this.)

  3. Researchers at University of California, Santa Cruz are working on long-term archiving using disks rather than tape. Their system, Pergamum, "is a distributed network of intelligent, disk-based, storage appliances that stores data reliably and energy-efficiently."

  4. Video games are becoming a big business ($9.5 billion last year in the US), and universities are listening, creating degree programs for game developers.

  5. Microsoft worked so hard to get their Office Open XML (OOXML) standardize accepted by ISO. And now the bad news: Office 2007 doesn't produce documents that adheres to their standard. My guess is the next service pack changes the file format so it does conform.