Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Former Harding student dies after motorcycle accident

Nathan Potznick, a 1999 graduate from our CS dept, died a few weeks ago after a routine surgery following a motorcycle accident. Nathan was working for Yahoo at the time.

Nathan's girlfriend notified our dept chair of his death when she saw him listed as a friend in Nathan's Facebook account. I remember Nathan a little... I think he might have taken me for a class since I started teaching in the department in 1997. My prayers go out to Nathan's family.

I ran across this entry on about Nathan. There's something a little disturbing about this website, but I can't exactly place my finger on it. Maybe I'm just imagining random people speculating about my death on there... it's just a little morbid and weird.

On a side note, how long will it take for Facebook to determine Nathan's account is no longer active and shut it down?

Update on 1/9/2:

What happens to your web stuff when you die? states that Facebook accounts are never closed unless you explicitly ask Facebook to close them.