Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goodbye, my "friend"

I've been doing some research on Facebook which has required me to spend a lot more time than usual looking at my Wall and news feed. One friend appears there almost every time I look, and usually it's because he's posted something contentious, designed to provoke his "friends" into an argument. I'm really getting tired of seeing his posts.

So today I've decided to de-friend my first friend. Actually, we're not even true friends... I don't think I've even met the guy. So why do I feel so guilty about removing him? As Facebook warns me, this action is serious... it "cannot be undone." wink

Remove friend
BTW: A colleague of mine told me how he once removed someone from his list of Facebook friends. The de-friended had hundreds of friends, so how would she know? Turns out she had memorized the number of friends she had, and noticing that the number went down by 1, she scanned through her list of friends until she somehow noticed the one name that was no longer there! My buddy was busted!