Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

This was Ethan's first Christmas and our first in Searcy. We've been really busy visiting family the last few days. My parents and sister came into town this past weekend to celebrate with us, and yesterday we went to Memphis to see Becky's grandparents and family. Becky's parents and siblings are celebrating with us the next few days... this will be the first time Ethan meets his Aunt Molly.

Ethan got a gagillion presents, but he gave us one of the best: three straight days of sleeping until 6:30! One of the best presents was the Wii my sister gave us. She was miraculously able to find one at a Toys-R-Us just a few days before Christmas. smile

Becky and Ethan

A Wii from Sara


Firetruck from Grammies and Grampies

The night before Christmas...

We'll be throwing this around in just a few years!

Posing with Aunt Sara

I can't wait to watch!

Romo jersey