Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Software development projects are complete

Three teams of seniors completed their Blockade implementations and installed them Sunday night in our Software Development Lab. So far I've had 26 user testers of various ages come by and tried out the games, and they've all been very impressed. You can see some snapshots of the games on our department website.

Sunday from 7-9pm in the Science lobby, we're having the Software Showcase. Each team will have a booth where they'll be showing-off their games. I'll announce the winner of the Acceptance Test and award plaques to the winning team. There will be lots of food, so come on out.

Update on 12/7/07:

Unfortunately, we are not having an AI Super Bowl this year as we have in past semesters. There was a small ambiguity in one of the rules that caused one team to implement their AI slightly different than the other 2 teams. This made it very difficult to pit two AIs against each other that made different assumptions. It's very unfortunately this ambiguity was not caught earlier, but live and learn.

Update on 12/10/07:

Congratulations to Nanosoft (Blockerman Redux) for their first place finish in the Acceptance Test. They placed first in the user tests and technical tests. All three teams did really well, and all the students are to be congratulated on their hard work.